Learn pottery:

Pottery Lessons for Beginners

Try out the potter’s wheel Bristol

Our introductory pottery taster sessions are designed to be a fun and exciting way to get a feel for working with clay on the wheel. Each participant will have their own wheel to use, and be carefully guided through the process of throwing by Stu.

Whether you book for yourself or as a group of friends, this is a wonderfully fun and spirited introduction to the joys of throwing. An introduction that we hope will start a lifelong passion for this ancient art!

What does a beginner’s pottery lesson include?

At Stupots, we teach all our classes in a fun and light way – sure to leave you wanting to do more. Every member of the group will have their own wheel to work with, and plenty of clay to get stuck into!

Once you have learnt the principals of centring, we’ll teach you how to throw a pot which involves pulling up the walls of the clay into a cylinder. You’ll also learn how to make bowls. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to choose one of your creations to be glazed and fired.

Learn how to use the pottery wheel

Never seen a pottery wheel before? Pottery wheels are believed to have first come into use somewhere between 6,000 BC and 2,400 BC! The potter’s wheels we know today were first developed during the industrial revolution with the aim of achieving better consistency of workmanship.

Consisting of a round plinth and an external drive that is controlled by a foot pedal, pottery wheels take time to master. However, once you know the basics, throwing a pot is not difficult – anyone can do it with the right guidance!